I’ll be releasing the much-anticipated follow-up to Synergy Spanish on Tuesday November 20.

Before the release I’m making available, for just a few days, some sample lessons.

You get to look “under the hood” and go inside the new Synergy Spanish – Bola de Nieve member’s area. Where you can download the first lesson and its two audio tracks.

They are a warm up, so even if you are not an advanced student, you’ll still find the lessons very helpful.

In fact, there is a big learning secret at work in those lessons.

It’s so simple that every Spanish course, actually every English course…

Make that, every language course, should be created this way.

It lays a foundation that holds the key to you using Spanish verbs freely, and communicating naturally, without having to think about what you say before you say it.

In fact, the same foundation will allow you to learn to speak in the past, just as easily.

It allows you to seamlessly transition between using formal and informal Spanish so you can speak with your friends casually but with you business associates with the respect they expect.

Making head or tail of ser and estar will become natural to you. It makes for a very smooth path to USING these parts of Spanish to express yourself in a natural and free flowing manner.

Other tricky aspects of Spanish, which people often ask me about such as, reflexive verbs, object pronouns, different tenses, simply become just another way to express yourself more clearly as you use the language.

It can all happen, just as easily and naturally as learning the Synergy verbs, brick and mortar words of the original Synergy Spanish course.

You see, this one little twist on how you learn Spanish works with your mind, getting it re-wired for Spanish.

Like the Wright brothers, who found that they could get their plane to fly by working on the wings, while everyone else was working on the engine.

You’ll find the approach in Bola de Nieve works not by trying to add more power in areas that can’t take you anywhere or even make you shut down mentally and just crash…

Instead, it removes the resistance, barriers, and blockages to learning and works on making your Spanish glide more easily.

That way, your Spanish can really take off.

Hang on to your seat because, we’re going to demystify Spanish even more in this follow up to Synergy Spanish than in the original course.

In fact, if you take a look at the comments from my recent survey of students of the original Synergy Spanish course.


You’ll see common after comment from people who were able to put all the pieces together and finally communicate in Spanish for the first time. Some after many years of trying and a lot of money wasted, had finally found the missing ingredients that got them speaking Spanish for the first time.

By the way, the comments are unedited, so you can see the exact comments as they were written… even the negative ones.

If you haven’t yet decided on Synergy Spanish you can make an informed decision. (This transparency, honesty, and openness is rare these days, the internet is full of fake reviews from people trying to earn commissions)

Here’s the address again to check out those comments, warts, and all.


Go grab the first warmer upper lesson now, while it’s still available, and feel your Spanish start to glide.


You know the learning secret that I’ve been talking about is actually very simple.

Any teacher can use it to improve their classes greatly.

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous.

Simple yes! Yet, you rarely find it in any language course…

Perhaps, you’ll never find it in a course… I’ve never seen a language course use it…

Actually, as I write that last line, I’m almost tempted to keep it secret… as it something that gives real power to Synergy Spanish and one of the ingredients that makes my approach so unique.

But keeping it secret would be selfish and counter productive… I’ve always believed the more I give in helping you learn Spanish, the more I receive… And this is an important learning principle that can unlock a lot of Spanish communication for you.

By sharing this principle, I can save you a lot of wasted effort and help you stay on the path of least resistance, so your Spanish can really take off.

Give me a day or two to find the way to articulate to you the power of this small change in approach. Then keep an eye out for a blog post called – The little hinge (that swings a big door)… If you think you already know what this secret is… why not leave a comment?

Muchos Saludos

Marcus Santamaria

P.S. The positive comments about Synergy Spanish keep rolling in. Muchisimas Gracias to everyone you has sent them, you can’t imagine how much they elevate my spirit. Here’s the latest ones