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Here’s how the Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator unlocks your Freedom to Speak Spanish Comfortably In Daily Conversations

The Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator uses a unique system where you’ll speak Spanish in real world conversations with me and mi amigo Yamil.

Together we’ll chat in short 10-minute confidence boosting lessons.

They give you real life conversational Spanish just like the Spanish you’ll speak over a coffee or a meal with your amigos.

We’ll chat about these 6 common conversation themes that you’ll use almost daily in the real world…

  1. Birthdays and Parties
  2. Children, Grandchildren and Family
  3. Travel and Adventure
  4. Retirement Lifestyle
  5. Living or Working in a Spanish Speaking Country
  6. Talking About Your Level of Spanish

The great thing is that as you expand your conversational Spanish you’ll be able to take these easy conversational patterns and apply them to anything you want to talk about.

This entire program gives you over 16 hours of material broken up into roughly 10-minute sessions.

These short confidence-boosting keeps you fresh, energized and motivated for more Spanish.

You can gain confidence to speak conversationally in Spanish in just 10 minutes a day.

Or you can go through multiple sessions per day to speed up your progress. (This is what most of my students do since they enjoy speaking the language so much.)

You can practice in the car, while you walk or even when you do your chores.

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Most of my students become so excited about their progress that they breeze through the entire program in a few weeks.

In all you’ll receive over 16 hours of conversational Spanish with video, audio and transcripts, so you can choose how you want to speak Spanish with Yamil and me.

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