The Words Native Speakers Use For Maximum Communication You Can Use Too And Express Yourself Without Nervousness, Hesitation Or Fear.

The key to speaking Spanish in sentences is knowing which words are important and which words are a waste of time.

Here’s what I mean…

When I started learning Spanish I used to learn words by category.

Don’t make this mistake!

I can’t believe I was so stupid and wasted so much time. I learned words that I will never ever use.

I learned every word in the kitchen category, even the word for dish drainer and plughole. How many times do you think I have used the Spanish words for dish drainer and plug hole in conversation?


And I am sure you will never use them either.

The secret to getting on the fast track with Spanish is to learn the most commonly used words.

(Studies show that as few as 100 words are repeated over and over in 50% of all communication.)

Once you know a handful of Spanish power words and how to use them, you can get by in Spanish in a surprisingly short time.

You won’t make the mistake I made. I am going to put you on the fast track and show you how to internalize the 100 power words and 18 expressive power verbs… They’ll take you to real-world Spanish communication fast.

A combination of power words, instant Spanish words and simple patterns to put them together and you’ll be talking up a storm in no time.

Sounds too good to be true. Let’s prove it…


The Secrets To Speaking Real-World Spanish in Flowing Sentences.