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Why 97.5% of Spanish Students Never Speak the Language

The numbers from the University of Chicago General Social Survey are bleak.

Just 2.5% of respondents said they reached the level of “speaking well” in a foreign language after studying in school.

Traditional textbooks and classes leave 97.5% out of every 100 students stranded.

And for adults it would be even worse…

After all it’s been years since they were in school. And it often seems like picking up a new language gets more difficult as you age….especially when you’re limited to the methods used to teach children and teenagers.

It was a nightmare for me personally.

Yet I had what seemed like all the tools to succeed. I moved to a Spanish speaking country.

I was teaching English in a prestigious university there. I had a whole language faculty to help me.

I was recently married to a native Spanish speaker and my daily life was surrounded by Spanish.

Yet, I felt like an outcast because I could barely even communicate with my neighbors. And don’t even mention trying to travel. I was terrified I’d get lost across town and never communicate well enough to find my way home.

I desperately wanted to speak Spanish. I felt like my life depended on it. My future certainly did.

If I could just get Spanish under my belt I could blend in with my wife’s family. I would fit in with the locals. I’d have a world of new possibilities and opportunities.

A new life was waiting for me…

There was an even deeper reason for wanting to speak Spanish.

I hated teaching a second language without speaking one myself. I felt like a fraud. How could I expect my students to speak a second language when I couldn’t speak one myself?

To say I was determined would be an understatement. I was obsessed.

So, I did what most people do. I doubled down on the textbooks.

I even got up an hour earlier every day just to study.

But if anything, all that study made me feel even more hopeless…until I was ready to throw in the towel!

Maybe you’ve tried to learn Spanish with the textbooks too.

Excitedly the quest begins, visions of a wonderful new life inspire you to dive in.

Yet, time and again you get smacked in the face. Beaten up with complex labels like the pluperfect subjunctive.

Exercises on indirect object pronouns vs. direct object pronouns pound you into submission.

Look out! Here comes the page-long verb charts kicking you while your down.

You need a PHD in grammar just to understand the textbook.

Suddenly all the air has gone out of the tires.

Deflated and defeated you give up in despair.

Another victim of the textbooks. DOA! You never had a chance.

Spanish dreams are shattered.

New life becomes nothing more than a pipe dream.

Even worse, you end up blaming yourself or your age.

But I’ll show you why age and ability is no barrier to enjoying Spanish…

My Unique System Taps Into Your Natural Ability to Speak Spanish On Day One

Most people in the world speak more than one language.

Only 40% of the world’s population is monolingual (speak a single language).

60% of the world’s population speak 2 or more languages. (43% are bilingual, 13 % are trilingual 3% are multilingual and 1% are super hero polyglots with 5 languages or more.)

So how the heck does it go so wrong for people like us?

Why are 97.5% of us unable to speak after years of classes?

Why have so many of us tried to speak Spanish and come away feeling hopeless?

Instead of opening new worlds and a new life for us, we end up heartbroken.

Maybe we need a different approach.

As Einstein is reported to have said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Yet over and over again we get pummeled with grammar rules.

No fun allowed.

It’s draining and demoralizing.

Worse it is completely theoretical. Somehow, it’s become normal for people to spend years in a language classes and hardly say anything.

Is it any wonder Spanish doesn’t flow from your mouth yet if……

You don’t practice in Spanish.

Simply put how can you speak Spanish if you never speak Spanish?

Here lies the dilemma and the breakthrough that will change your Spanish life.

Unlock your Spanish Genius And Break free from this Spanish Chicken and Egg scenario

To speak Spanish, you need to speak Spanish.

Yet, how can you practice speaking Spanish if you don’t know enough Spanish to speak freely?

This is the dilemma that kills most people journey into Spanish life.

The textbooks have you toiling over grammar. The vain hope is that someday if you study enough grammar it will all magically fall into place.

But it almost never does.

At least 97.5% of people never get there.

I was one of them.

Hitting the books.

Torturing myself daily.

Paying my dues.

Hoping someday it would all fall into place.

But it seemed the harder I tried the less comfortable I was with the language.

I was becoming an expert in all the ways to make mistakes.