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Quickly and Easily Multiply Your Spanish…By Plugging
these 14 Brand-New Patterns Into The Spanish
You Already Know”

Shortcut to Spanish gave you 3,145 Instant Spanish words. It also showed you easy ways to use them in flowing sentences.

As you know, this unique approach is the secret to forming Spanish sentences you can use in the real world.

But this is only the beginning.

There are 579 more Instant Spanish Words waiting for you…

As well as 14 Conversation Booster Patterns that unlock more freedom in Spanish.

They even make it easy to…

Speak Spanish in Past Tenses.

Textbooks often overwhelm you with complex grammar when it comes to speaking about the past.

They feed you full of confusing academic theory.

Soon, you’re terrified of making mistakes. You become hesitant to speak.

This makes your speaking stilted… which kills your confidence.

And it can even sabotage the Spanish you already know.

There is an easier way that connects to the way your brain is already wired…

This unique method is natural for English speakers to use right away.

It makes it easy to…

Express Yourself More Freely About the Things That Are Important to You…

You already picked up the most common Spanish words in Shortcut to Spanish.

But what we didn’t cover was the past tense.

That’s because I’ve created each of my programs as a simple step-by-step system to have you speaking as much Spanish in the shortest time possible.

We started with the present tense in Shortcut to Spanish.

The next natural step is to talk about the past such as your background and what you did yesterday. This allows you to make even deeper connections with your amigos as you get to know each other better.

And by following our simple step-by-step methods, you can multiply your Spanish in just 30 days or less…and impress the socks off those same amigos.

Soon you’ll be expressing yourself in ways most people only dream about.

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  • Multiply your Spanish so you can speak and understand more than ever before
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This is the perfect way to speak more Spanish in less time.

And all it takes is 14 easy to pick up Booster Patterns.

Each one multiplies what you can say and you can use them right away…

Experience Even More Confidence and Freedom in Spanish in 30 Days or Less… By Plugging these 14 Brand-New Patterns Into the Spanish You Already Know

You’ve already committed to speaking Spanish with Shortcut to Spanish

So, it only makes sense to multiply your results and get everything you can out of this beautiful language.

Each lesson of Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 includes both audio and video versions.

Plus you get complete written Action Guides that hand you the new Instant Words and speaking patterns.

You also get my personal help with 90 days of email support if you get stuck for any reason. Most students never need this, because the course follows a simple, step-by-step flow where each lesson builds on the one before it. But if you need help, this valuable bonus is there for your peace of mind.

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