Discover Simple Patterns That Help You Start Speaking Spanish in Just A Few Minutes
This step by step system is especially good for people like me who have felt they were NEVER good at languages…

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

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These patterns are the key to blending into daily life conversations. They make picking up the language easy, natural and fun for anyone at any age.
If you’re frustrated with learning Spanish… you’re not alone.
Perhaps you’ve tried…

* Taking classes

* Private tutoring

* Expensive software

* Boring textbooks

…but NONE of this has worked for you.

Well, the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way…

It’s NOT your fault – it’s the flawed approach most Spanish language courses use.

My name is Marcus Santamaria.

Twenty years ago – after I got married – I decided to move to a Spanish speaking country to be near my new wife’s family.

The problem was I didn’t
speak a word of Spanish!

Even though I was teaching English, learning Spanish was a nightmare for me.

I did everything the textbooks told me to do but still I was a miserable failure trying to speak Spanish.

Maybe I just had to try harder.

I got up an hour earlier to study Spanish each morning.

Back then, just like today, most Spanish courses were built around studying units of grammar.

So that’s what I did, I hit the books and followed their directions to the letter.

I learned things I didn’t even know in English, like direct object pronouns, the pluperfect tense and relative clauses.
and it led to…




I felt like I would never speak Spanish.

Spanish just wouldn’t come out of my mouth…

FACT: Studies show that 97.5%
of people
who take traditional
courses never get to speak well
(University of Chicago)

Nothing helped me actually hold a conversation.

If you’re not speaking Spanish the way you want yet, don’t blame yourself.

It’s not your ability or your age that’s stopping you. Lots of people learn Spanish as adults.

It’s a good bet that what’s really holding you back is the way you’ve been taught.

I know it sounds loco (crazy), but for many people, traditional learning methods stop them from learning.

The methods are just not brain-friendly.

In fact, studies show that 97.5% of people who take traditional courses never get to speak well.

The odds are terrible. Who wants to play a game with only a 1 in 40 chance of winning?

Even though I was living in a Spanish-speaking country, I could NOT communicate with anyone in their language. I felt like a loser!

You should have seen me still speaking baby talk Spanish with my neighbor Mario. He was so patient.

The traditional methods were a dead end for me.

Worse, the courses convinced me that I was the problem.

Maybe I was too old.

Maybe I was just not good at languages.

I was ready to give up.

But I was just too desperate and too stubborn to give up on my dream.

I wanted to fully engage and experience all the wonderful people in the life around me… but it couldn’t happen without speaking Spanish.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a few
parts of the Spanish language that
I could use RIGHT AWAY… It was like I had Discovered Spanish Super Powers

They felt natural.

And best of all they worked in the real world.

I decided to dig deeper.

I took a radical action.

Throw out all those textbooks.

Into the dumpster they went.

I doubled down on what I had discovered…

Spanish has patterns that English speakers can use right away.

Even though I was a middle aged English speaker these parts of the language came to me as intuitively as if I were a kid.

And finally, I could communicate with Spanish speakers.

Each new pattern I added to my repertoire multiplied what I could say.

You can say a lot with just a little.

It doesn’t take long to speak enough Spanish to get by.

Spanish can start flowing out of your lips in just a few days or weeks instead of the years it took me…

Your journey into Spanish can follow this clear path…

One that leads to speaking Spanish freely. It’s easy, motivating, and exciting.

When done correctly, it’s even fun.

This NEW APPROACH is so straight forward that a middle-aged, non-academic, Spanish textbook failure (me)…

was able to not only speak this language…

…but also teach thousands of others around the world an easier way of speaking Spanish quickly.

The Problem With Language Courses!!!

Most language courses focus on the “academic” method of teaching. As a result, a lot of time is devoted to grammar exercises…

…verb charts, conjugation, and other details are required to study the language from an academic perspective.

However, if your goal is to speak Spanish, those things only make the language complex.

In other words, if you want to communicate in Spanish (rather than weighing yourself down with nonessentials) there’s a better, faster, easier way…

Introducing… “How To Go From
Failure To Success in Spanish”

Sadly, many students study Spanish for YEARS… but still can’t hold a basic conversation. !Está loco! (It’s crazy!)!

This program shares a step by step system for speaking Spanish. These shortcuts make Spanish simple for English speakers.

It doesn’t matter your age.

And it doesn’t matter how many times you have tried before.

If you have tried to speak Spanish before without success it’s not because of age or lack of ability…

…it’s simply the result of teaching methods that don’t work for most people.

Here’s the bottom line…

How to Go from Failure to Success in Spanish will have you speaking flowing sentences within MINUTES.

(As you’ll see, the CORRECT approach makes all the difference in the world.)

The course is an INTRODUCTORY language course.

It’s specifically designed to provide you with a RAPID jump-start… so you can start speaking Spanish quickly.

✅ It’s a practical, non-academic approach to successfully speaking the language.

✅ It leads you down a path that is natural and intuitive… instead of traditional textbook methods which are difficult, boring, and confusing.

✅ You’ll almost immediately – from the first lesson – “speak to learn” the language.

✅ This is the opposite of the painfully slow academic approach of “learning to speak.”

✅ This simple 180-degree shift in approach produces DRAMATIC RESULTS. (Proven by thousands of students of all ages)

You will actively speak the language (which is FUN)

…rather than just passively studying it (which is BORING).

So, instead of struggling to learn Spanish, you’ll start speaking Spanish…

* With friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

* So you can travel and enjoy Spanish-speaking countries.

* Even live in a Spanish-speaking country.

With this system, you will start speaking Spanish in the first few minutes.

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee
*Limited Time Offer Of $7 (One-Time Payment) Normally $19.95
Spanish will open up doors to you not available in any other way
This Is For People Who…

* Were never good at languages…

* Could NOT hold a basic Spanish conversation

* Found “stringing” Spanish sentences together was tough

* Thought they were too old to learn Spanish

* Passed Spanish class but failed in daily life conversation

* Have always thought it would be great to speak Spanish but had no idea it could be done so easily.

* Tried other common methods and nothing has worked before…

* Never knew it was possible to speak a new language so easily…

* Want results quickly instead of taking years to speak Spanish

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Use “How To Go From Failure To Success in Spanish”…
=> 4 Training Sessions

Session #1: “Speak to Learn… Instead of Learning to Speak” – Starts you speaking Spanish within minutes no matter your age or past experience.

Session #2: “Instant Spanish Words”- Gives you and instant vocabulary so you can quickly and easily say more in Spanish….

Session #3: “Instant Spanish Patterns”- Plug-and-play Spanish patterns that English speakers can use immediately.

Session #4: “Mortar Words” – Gets you speaking in longer flowing sentences with these simple little words that glue Spanish phrases together.

There are a total of 9 videos.

Each concise, to-the-point video ranges in length from 7 to 13 minutes – and you’ll speak along with me on each one.

In all, this equals a total of 80-plus minutes of step-by-step instruction.


BONUS 1: MP3 Audio Versions of the videos. Pick up Spanish in your car, while you exercise, or as you work.

BONUS 2: PDF Transcripts Acquire more Spanish in less time with every word of every lesson right at your fingertips.

BONUS 3: Instant Spanish Word Lists – The easy way to pick up 1066 Spanish words.

When you order, you’ll receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the FULL PROGRAM… everything you need to get started with Spanish

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee
*Limited Time Offer Of $7 (One-Time Payment) Normally $19.95
How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

If you can speak English, you can speak Spanish.

This program takes advantage of speaking patterns that are already hard wired into your brain.

You just plug and play a handful of simple language patterns and Spanish starts to flow.

✅ It’s natural.

✅ It’s easy.

✅ It’s fun.

And best of all it works in real conversations…

It’s so exciting and rewarding when you use your Spanish in daily life.

Spanish speakers are delighted and helpful when you speak to them in their language.

It’s a joy chatting with the baristas in the cafes, the vendors in the markets and the locals at the town square.

Check out the comments below from people just like you who now enjoy speaking this beautiful language.

What My Students ARE SAYING…

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee
*Limited Time Offer Of $7 (One-Time Payment) Normally $19.95

You’ll Speak Spanish Successfully, 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

guaranteeTry this system for a full 60 days. Watch as the patterns fall into place and Spanish starts flowing form your mouth.

If you don’t love speaking Spanish or if you decide this program is not for you, let us know and you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.

Marcus Santamaria

Discover This Revolutionary Approach That Has Anyone Speaking Spanish Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before… And now you can try it totally RISK-FREE.

Start Speaking Spanish TODAY!

How to Go from Failure to Success in Spanish is available for a ONE-TIME payment of just $7.

That’s NOT a misprint.

For just seven bucks, you can FINALLY begin to speak Spanish…even if other courses have failed you in the past.

(Remember: I’m so confident my introductory course will help you start speaking Spanish that I GUARANTEE your satisfaction. You can’t lose.)

At this point, you’ve got a choice…

You can continue to struggle… or you can Go from Failure to Success in Spanish and see REAL results.

So don’t delay. Try “How to Go from Failure to Success in Spanish” today…

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee
*Limited Time Offer Of $7 (One-Time Payment) Normally $19.95

Yours for Better Spanish,

Marcus Santamaria

Creator of How to Go from Failure to Success in Spanish

P.S. This course will help get you “unstuck” so you can begin to speak Spanish by following a practical, intuitive, and natural approach to the language. Act now to start your new Spanish life today…

P.P.S. My easy-to-follow program will give you quick results. And, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I’m a complete beginner?

If that’s the case, this course is PERFECT for you. It begins gently and gets you started speaking Spanish sentences IMMEDIATELY.

Question: I’ve tried other Spanish courses, but I’m still not speaking Spanish. How is your course different?

My course is different because it doesn’t teach “academic” Spanish – which is boring and frustrating to learn.

Unless you plan to teach Spanish at the university level, “textbook” Spanish is NOT what you need.

Instead, this course teaches “conversational” Spanish which is easier, more natural, and practical.

It starts you speaking your first Spanish sentences within minutes.

Question: Am I too old to learn Spanish?

No! I have taught hundreds of people in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s. In fact, my oldest student so far is 96 and we’re looking to beat that record.

Forget about age barriers. Once you try this simple approach you too will enjoy speaking this beautiful language.

Question: What if I’m not good at languages?

This course unlocks your hidden language genius. You’ll discover anyone can speak Spanish.

You see, Spanish has patterns that English speakers can use right away.

This is completely different from every other course you may have studied in the past.

You won’t waste your time with difficult, and often impossible rules of grammar.

I never even understood some of those rules in Mrs. Walker’s fifth-grade English class!

You definitely don’t need those complicated rules to speak Spanish with your amigos.

This program gets you speaking right away. You’ll “speak to learn.”

It’s an approach that is far more effective.

Plus… the course is guaranteed. If it’s not right for you I’ll give you a full refund. You simply can’t lose.

Start Speaking Spanish Now $7

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee
*Limited Time Offer Of $7 (One-Time Payment) Normally $19.95