“This Simple System Has You Speaking Spanish with Verbs Easily so You Gain More Freedom and Confidence with the Language Each Day”

Best of all for the next few days, you can try this confidence-boosting system for just $1 and receive 5 immediate conversation multipliers for free.

And you don’t even have to commit the entire course up front. You have a full 30 days to try everything out. And if you decide it’s not for you, for any reason, I’ll still let you keep all of the immediate bonuses just for saying maybe…

Try This Confidence-Boosting System For $1

No Lock in Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Here are the 5 immediate gifts you’ll receive just for giving it a shot

Bonus Conversation Multiplier # 1

9 Easy Steps to Double Your Spanish Conversations

This course shows you how you can quickly double your conversational ability by adding informal Spanish to your repertoire.

Spanish has two ways of speaking. In Synergy Spanish and many other introductory courses, we focused on the formal way. That’s the way that shows the most respect. It’s often the best option when you first meet someone and the Spanish to use with professionals like doctors and dentists.

It’s the Spanish to speak first because you always show due respect and you won’t sound arrogant or accidentally disrespect or insult anyone.

However, as your Spanish improves, you’ll start using more of the informal Spanish. You see, your new Spanish skills are bound to make you friends with native Spanish speakers. And as your friendships grow, you’ll speak to your amigos with informal Spanish as it conveys warmth, intimacy and friendliness.

In just a few hours you can complete the 9 easy steps and double your conversation ability.

When you finish the course, you’ll know exactly how to speak with respect when you need to, and you’ll also use the more casual, friendly form of Spanish when you are hanging out with your amigos.

Bonus Conversation Multiplier # 2

7 easy to use sentence starters to fit in like a native

You’ll love these patterns. They make your Spanish sound very authentic, like you’ve been around the language for years.

They’re everyday expressions that native speakers use all the time. Once you know them, you’ll start hearing them everywhere you go, from poor remote villages in Latin America to artistic centers in Spain. It doesn’t matter which part of the Spanish speaking world you are in, you’ll hear these phrases all around you.

These sentences starters are super expressive, yet very few people figure out how to use them by themselves. But once I guide you, you’ll be using them to speak with flowing, natural, authentic sentences right away.

They give you an immediate boost in fluidity and an easy way to add authenticity and flow to your Spanish in around an hour.

Bonus Conversation Multiplier # 3

Reflexive verbs made easy.

Have you ever noticed how many Spanish verbs end in arse, pronounced ahrseh.

I remember when I first started tying to learn Spanish it seemed every second word I looked up in the dictionary ended in arse, irse or erse. I discovered that they were all reflexive verbs.

So, then I had to find out what a reflexive verbs was, and I found myself confronted with explanations like this

“a reflexive verb is a verb whose semantic agent and patient (typically represented syntactically by the subject and the direct object) are the same.”

Dios Mio (oh My God)

Even though these types of verb are everywhere in Spanish with explanations like the one above it took me a very long time to understand how to use them. For you it will be easier and faster. You can hit the ground running with a simple and easy way to start using reflexive verbs.

You don’t have to worry about “semantic agents” and “subject and object pronouns”. This multiplier simply gets you using a series of reflexive verbs right away.

You’ll speak Spanish with these important, useful and commonly used verbs without having to confront all the intimidating terminology.

There are no confusing grammatical labels. Just complete the multiplier and speak more Spanish. It’s that easy and it’s that practical.

Bonus Conversation Multiplier # 4

Everyday Informal Spanish for chatting with family and friends

No intimidating terminology! No long-winded explanation of the grammatical functions. Just do the lesson, use the informal verbs and speak more Spanish. That’s it!

It’s loaded with real world conversational Spanish, you’ll say things like…

A que hora necesitas irte? (What time do you need to get going?)
Tienes que levantarte temprano mañana. (You have to get up early tomorrow.)
Vas a tener que acostumbrarte a conducir al otro lado de la calle. (You are going to have to get used to driving on the other side of the road.)
Es fácil perderte en el centro. (It’s easy to get lost downtown.)

If that Spanish looks a little intimidating, no te preocupes (don’t worry). In less than 1 hour this multiplier will make it so familiar to you that you can actually speak this kind of Spanish.

Also notice how the sentences don’t sound stilted like textbook language.

It’s just the typical everyday kind of language you use all the time in English… now you can start using the same everyday language in Spanish too for chatting with your amigos, partners and children.

Bonus Conversation Multiplier # 5

Understand native speakers with collocations

One of the trickiest parts of the Spanish language is collocations. They are the way native speakers combine words to create new meanings.

Some examples of collocations

  • Se trata de – it’s about / it has to do with
  • Por lo menos – at least
  • Dar a luz – to give birth

As you advance through Bola de Nieve you’ll become comfortable speaking with more and more collocations. This Masterclass gives you a jump start on the common collocations that native Spanish speakers use all the time. It’s a great way to give your Spanish an instant boost and authentic flavor while speaking more with your amigos..

Try This Confidence-Boosting System For $1


“I wish I could go back to Peru again since my Spanish is so much better now.”

The course has been great to keep talking and thinking in Spanish.

I wish I could go back to Peru again since my Spanish is so much better now – thanks to your courses. Now I could really have a true conversation with the family members, especially the little girl in the blue sweater who so much wanted to talk to me and get me dancing at the fiesta.

– Helen Middleditch


“I live in Mexico and the Spanish has helped me talk with plumbers, electricions, (something in the apartment I rent always needs fixing), and sales people.”

I live in Mexico and the Spanish has helped me talk with plumbers, electricians, (something in the apartment I rent always needs fixing), and sales people.

I volunteer at a private school and help the students with their English. My Spanish helps me to understand their questions about English.

– Bonnie Hotchkiss


“Thanks for providing a breakthrough in my longtime wish to learn Spanish.”

I love your teaching materials. I practice with my co-workers at Disneyland all the time and hope to earn an “español” bilingual badge there a year from now.

Thanks for providing a breakthrough in my longtime wish to learn Spanish. Yours is the only course that I’ve been able to stick with and actually start using socially and professionally. You are brilliant.

– Michael Pollock
California, USA

Hesitancy disappears when you start thinking in Spanish

Now it’s time to take your Spanish to the next level of fluency and start thinking in the language. This is where your Spanish goes from good to great.

This is where hesitancy disappears, and you just say what you want to say.

You’ll speak about yourself, about your friends and family, about where you are from and what you do.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter what the subject of the conversation is, you now have enough command of the language to speak on just about any topic.

And with that command of the language your friendships blossom. You’re no longer just trying to keep up with people; you are participating and contributing to the conversations.

And as your friendships bloom and conversations flourish, you’ll speak more and more Spanish in real life situations.

Then, you’ll achieve a closed circle.

That means the more you speak the better your conversations become. As you have better conversations you continue to speak almost automatically. Once this happens your Spanish takes off.

Getting your Spanish to this level doesn’t come overnight. The course will put you on the path to great Spanish, but you do have to walk the path. As you practice speaking Spanish, your ability will multiply.

That’s why, Bola de Nieve is an extensive 14-month program with over 70 hours of audio. All of it is paced to build your fluency in a natural progression that’s always easy to follow. You just follow the lessons and get better at Spanish. Before you know it you’re expressing ideas in Spanish as easily as you would in English.

And when you finish all the lessons, you’ll achieve a level of Spanish fluency that not one in a thousand English speakers ever experience. You’ll be that person that really does speak Spanish and is comfortable in the Spanish speaking world.

And that’s when the fun really begins.

Imagine how great it will be to speak Spanish with complete confidence.

It’s an exciting prospect, isn’t it?

Imagine amazing your English-speaking friends with your fluent Spanish and delighting your amigos by speaking to them in their own language.

Imagine the enjoyment you’ll experience mixing it with the locals when you travel. Now you could even live in a Spanish speaking country if you choose.

The options are endless once you have mastered Spanish at this level.

Perhaps this Spanish project is not even about you, many of my students learn Spanish so they can help others.

Whatever your reason for wanting to speak Spanish, if you follow the step-by-step sequence in Bola de Nieve you can’t help but speak great Spanish.

Frankly, I don’t know of any other program that makes it so systematic to go from zero to fluent Spanish. All you have to do is complete a series of easy to follow lessons and you will be speaking great Spanish.

Each month for 14 months you receive a new module which includes these 4 components.

Component 1 – Fluency Modules Audio

Start speaking with great expressiveness, fluidity and confidence

Each month you receive a new Fluency Module complete with around 3-4 hours of interactive audio lessons. I guide you step by step to actually interact with the audio and speak real Spanish.

It’s a lot of fun and it’s exciting to speak more and more Spanish everyday.

Component 1 – Now Included A Free Video Upgrade

To make sure you get to enjoy speaking this beautiful language, I’ve added our roadblock-busting video format.

This new video format is proving to be the missing piece for many of my students to finally speak Spanish.

Now you’ll enjoy using more of the language with less effort, less time and more enjoyment.

Component 2 – Fluency Module Action Guide

It’s time to demystify Spanish so the barriers to using the language disappear

Each Fluency Modules contains 4-6 Action Guides.

You get Spanish speaking hints and step by step explanations that take all the mystery out of Spanish, so you can use the language without fear of making mistakes.

The guides show you how to use different language patterns and expressions, so your communication takes on an authentic flavor that native Spanish speakers recognize right away.

In fact, you’ll find Spanish speakers like, trust and bond with you more because you’ve taken the time to use their language the way they do.

Component 3 – Advanced Concepts

Advanced Spanish without stress or confusion

All the complication that usually goes with learning advanced Spanish… well, it doesn’t have to be so complicated after all.

Starting from Module 2, you’ll receive Advanced Concepts audio and video lessons. These are designed to get you using expressive language and several past tenses. Best of all, you’ll use advanced Spanish without stress or confusion, it’s all very easy.

These first 3 components give you everything you need to breakthrough your learning barriers and get to speak great Spanish…

However, I am going to add one more component to make sure you absolutely get to speak the Spanish you have always wanted to speak

Component 4 – Private Members Only Coaching

As a member of Bola de Nieve you get direct access to help when you need it. If you reach a plateau, roadblock or barrier; if you get confused… just hit the support tab in your member’s area and leave me your question privately. I’ll have you back on track and speaking better Spanish in no time.

I have set up a special member’s only coaching area where you can send me email questions…and I’ll answer them within 48 hours Monday through Thursdays (I don’t work Friday through Sunday).

If you meet any kind of roadblock in the course send me an SOS. I will get you through it and back on track to speaking great Spanish.

Frankly, the sequence I have built into this program is so systematic most people simply do the lessons and they speak Spanish. This component is just to give you a safety net. Should you stumble, should you falter, just drop me a line and I’ll work with you until you are progressing towards your Spanish goals again.

A Summary of what you get with your first month’s membership of Bola de Nieve

Bola de Nieve is a 14-module program designed to take your Spanish to exciting new levels. After the first month your membership will continue at $29.95 per month for the next 13 months (you can cancel anytime).

Each month you receive online access to…

New Fluency modules which include 4-6 Action Guides and 3-4 hours of audio/video lessons, plus from the second month onwards, you’ll also receive my Advanced Concepts audio/video lessons

Members also have access to my online coaching system for extra help to make sure your Spanish never falters and always keeps getting better and better. If you really want to succeed, I’ll make sure nothing stops you from progressing smoothly through the course, so you can and finally achieve your dreams of communicating freely in Spanish.

With your membership you also receive the 5 free Conversation Multiplier bonuses –

  • 9 Easy Steps to Double Your Spanish Conversations
  • 7 Easy to use sentence starters to fit in like a native
  • Reflexive verbs made easy
  • Informal Spanish with family and friends
  • Understand native speakers with collocations

I’m so sure you’ll succeed with Bola de Nieve, I am willing to take all the risk and make it impossible for you to lose…

If you decide to cancel anytime within 30 days, you get to keep all 5 conversation multipliers. They are yours to keep just for giving my Bola de Nieve program a try.

Each 30 days you’ll be billed $29.95 per month. The program continues for another 13 months, 14 modules in total. However, you can cancel anytime just by sending an email to marcus@synergyspanish.com and you’ll receive no further billing.

Where else can you get a complete zero to Spanish mastery course with your own private coach and guide for such an insignificant price?

Imagine the difference this will make in your Spanish, your friendships, and your quality of life.

And you can get started… Put me to the test… and prove whether this is the right solution for you or not, with no risk to you.

Take a full month to try everything. You’ll feel your Spanish flourishes as you start expressing yourself in the language. You’ll notice how your confidence to speak the language grows and how much more warmly native speakers react to you.

Enjoy your new-found success with Spanish or just send me an email to cancel the membership and receive no further bill, plus you get to keep all the conversation multipliers, just for giving it a shot.

No te lo pierdes (don’t miss out on it). Click the link in the box below to get started.

Try This Confidence-Boosting System For $1

Give Bola de Nieve membership a try and receive these great bonuses

5 conversation multipliers

  • 9 Easy Steps to Double Your Spanish Conversations
  • 7 Easy to use sentence starters to fit in like a native
  • Reflexive verbs made easy.
  • Informal Spanish with family and friends
  • Understand native speakers with collocations

Plus, for your first month of Bola de Nieve membership you get all of the following

  • A complete Fluency Builder Module
  • 6 Fast Action Guides
  • Member’s Only Coaching

Remember, if you decide to cancel anytime within 30 days you get to keep all 5 conversations multipliers. They are yours to keep just for giving my Bola de Nieve program a try. And you also get access to a complete module of Bola de Nieve.

After 30 days you’ll be billed 29.95 per month. The program continues for another 13 months, 14 modules in total. However, you can cancel anytime just by sending an email to marcus@synergyspanish.com and you’ll receive no further billing.

Simply put, the onus is all on me to get you speaking great Spanish. If you are not absolutely delighted with your new ability to communicate in Spanish contact me and you’ll never be charged again. Everything you have received at his point is simply my gift to you.

Try This Confidence-Boosting System For $1

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