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Simple Step-By-Step System Makes it Easy to Start Spanish Conversations and Keep Them Going

Most Spanish textbooks focus on academic theory. They sabotage you by constantly programming you with all the mistakes you can make in Spanish.

This is terrible for speaking in real life.

You’re tense and uptight before you even open your mouth.

That’s a horrible way to experience this beautiful language.

All I wanted to do was connect with people in their language.

But the textbooks made me feel like a basket case.

That’s no way to connect with anyone.

The textbooks destroyed my confidence and duct taped my mouth.

Fortunately, there is a better way

La solución: The easy way to share this beautiful language with beautiful people.

I’m an introvert so I often find myself a little tongue tied in social situations.

Especially in my second language of Spanish.

This forced me to collect a repertoire of go-to conversations starters.

These simple, easy-to-pick-up Spanish phrases gave me confidence in all situations.

Because, as you know, small talk is not so small.

It’s a big part of connecting for an enjoyable social life.

Nothing is worse than meeting a new friend…and finding yourself tongue tied.

You don’t know where to go next, and what to discuss?

The good news is these conversation starters are easy to pick up and use.

I’ve put them together in a step-by-step system anyone can follow at any age.

Use this proven method for breaking the ice…and keeping the conversation going.

It makes chatting in Spanish comfortable and fun.

With this system, you’ll soon start receiving invitations.

Before long you’re sharing food, fiestas, and friendship in people’s homes.

Social life is part of the magic of Spanish life.

For me, this warmth is the most enjoyable part of speaking this beautiful language.

And all it takes is 28 short episodes of around 9 minutes each to see your confidence grow.

Make new friends.

Get to know your friends even better.

Celebrate life with those around you.

Now you can hit the ground running with this Spanish Conversation Toolkit to chat about

  • Getting a drink or a bite to eat
  • Chat about the weather
  • Getting to know where your amigos are from
  • Finding out how your friends are feeling,
  • Discovering their family
  • Telling your friends about yourself
  • What they do for a living and what you do

Introducing “Spanish Small Talk: The Simple Step-By-Step System That Makes it Easy to Start Spanish Conversations and Keep Them Going”

Imagine meeting a new friend at a party or other social situation…

“Me llamo Marcus mucho gusto”
My name is Marcus, nice to meet you.

Then crickets.

More uncomfortable silence.

Why don’t the Spanish textbooks prepare you for this?

Verb conjugation charts are no help now.

Soon, your new ‘friend’ moves on to speak to someone else.

And you’re left alone…again.

Well, here’s a simple way to never experience this nightmare scenario.

Because you too can tap into a toolkit of Spanish icebreakers to get your conversations flowing.

You’ll be given a quiver of easy-to-use Spanish arrows perfect for consistently hitting the bulls eye of beautiful Spanish conversations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be fully fluent in Spanish, but you’ll soon have fun, enjoyable conversations with your amigos.

And it doesn’t matter your age or your past experience.

This simple program will have you speaking Spanish you can use to connect and have fun with those around you.

It’s easy and fast.

Here’s some of the Spanish that you’ll be speaking in 28 days or less

Qué gusto verte. ¿Cómo estás?
What a pleasure too see you. How are you?

Estoy mejor que nunca. ¿Y tú todo bien?
I’m better than ever. And you, is everything fine?

Sí gracias a Dios todo bien.
Yes, thank God everything is fine.

That will fly of your tongue by the 2nd episode of Spanish for Small Talk.

But that is just the start…

Would you like to be able to reel off phrases like these easily and naturally?

¿Tienes hambre?
Are you hungry?

Sí tengo hambre.
Yes, I am hungry

¿Qué tipo de comida te gusta más la comida española o comida mexicana?
What type of food do you like best, Spanish food or Mexican food?

Speaking like this will become a piece of cake for you with Spanish Small Talk.

¿Cómo te gusta tu té y café?
How do you like your tea and coffee?

Me gusta el café con vainilla. Es mi favorito. Es delicioso Y me gusta el té con limón y miel.
I like Coffee with vanilla. It is my favorite. It’s delicious and I also like tea with lemon and honey.

Everyone loves to speak about the weather. And now it’s easy with Spanish Small Talk

¿Hace calor hoy verdad?
It’s hot today, isn’t it?

Sí hace mas calor hoy que ayer. Hace demasiado calor hoy. No me gusta cuando hace calor así.
Yes, it’s hotter today than yesterday. It’s too hot today. I don’t like it when it is hot like this.

Soon you too will be on a roll with everyday Spanish Small Talk.

¿Eres de por aquí?
Are you from around here?

No, no soy de aquí. Soy de Guatemala. Soy guatemalteca.
No, I’m not from around here. I am form Guatemala. I am Guatemalan.

¿A qué te dedicas?
What do you do?

Soy artista.
I am an artist.

Eres artista. ¡Que bien! ¿Qué tipo de artista eres?
You are an artist. That’s great! What type of artist are you?

Soy pintora.
I am a painter

In just 28 days all this Spanish and much more can flow freely from your mouth.

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Spanish Small Talk

The Simple Step-By-Step System That Makes it Easy to Start Spanish Conversations and Keep Them Going

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