119 Instant Spanish Music Words and Free Video Lesson

Here’s a free list of 119 Spanish words about music you can pick up and start using right away. Check out the 119 words below and the video down the page to speak Spanish about music.

Can you imagine a world without music?

Life wouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world—music is something that unites us all.

It’s a great thing to talk about with your Spanish-speaking amigos too.

The second free video below makes it easy for you to speak about music in flowing sentences.

The video follows on sequentially from the first primer video.

Here’s the link the first lesson.

Gratis: Video Lección uno

Watch your Spanish flow more freely as the lessons build easily on each other

Have fun speaking with Spanish words that are like English words.

Enjoy this positive and uplifting Spanish topic.

Free Video #2 – This Makes Speaking Spanish Comfortable for Anyone at Any Age

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