Everything You Need to Start Speaking Spanish in The Shortest Time Possible special offer

I have put together a package of 3 Spanish learning resources to cut your learning curve to the bone.

Resource 1 “Shortcut to Spanish” the Guide to Learning Spanish Fast

The book “Shortcut to Spanish”, a 230-page manual that shows you how to use 31 categories of instant Spanish words. The easiest 3013 Spanish words you’ll ever learn.

Plus 132 Mnemonics of the most used words in Spanish. For maximum Spanish communication in minimum time, these words are essential. The mnemonics help you learn them fast.

But it is not just about words, you are guided step-by-step into turning those words into real Spanish sentences you can use.

Resource 2 – 31 Audio Lessons for Clear Spanish Speaking

Your best tool for real Spanish speaking practice. 31 audio lessons to accompany the “Shortcut to Spanish” book. Learn to say Spanish correctly. No more caveman talk, you learn to put Spanish into real communication.

Resource 3 Your Own Personal Spanish Coach

Email support, I will answer any question you have. I am your personal Spanish coach.

Now Speaking Spanish is Easy to Learn and Easy to Get Started.

I get emails every couple of days from people who are delighted with my method. It is a very different way to learn and for many people it actually makes learning Spanish and using Spanish possible for the first time. Even if they have studied Spanish before, Spanish goes from fuzzy to clear almost instantly.

Sometimes people tell me I am selling “Shortcut to Spanish” too cheaply. They are probably right. But learning Spanish is a journey, if you want me to help you walk the path and make speaking Spanish a part of your life, I am honored.

To be honest, I do have a self serving motive to offer the course at such an affordable price.

I have blueprints to create 2 or 3 more advanced Spanish books and audio courses. So I figure if you are delighted with what I give you the first time, If my methods bring the delight of communicating in Spanish into your life, then when you decide to go all the way and completely master Spanish, I will be the first person you turn to.

Spanish is Easy to Learn, Easy to Start, you Can’t Fail and You Can’t Lose.

Now I want to make it easy for you to start.

In fact I want to make it a no brainer for you to start right now and enjoy the thrill of communicating in Spanish (especially for people using Euros and Pounds, you get a great deal right now with the exchange rate).

I am offering the entire course and bonus resources for just $39.95 as a download or $59.95 (plus shipping) delivered to your door.

plus you can’t lose because the entire course is 100% guaranteed for 56 days.


Your call, 56 day guarantee

If my course isn’t up to scratch. If my course isn’t about using real Spanish for real communication as fast as possible and you are the sole judge. Just let me know within 56 days and I will refund your money. No questions.

You can start your journey to speaking Spanish in just a few minutes.

To get started click the link below. You will be taken to a page and asked your state and country. Then you will be taken to the secure credit card processing site (you can use a check if you are in the USA). Once you complete you details you will have immediate access to;

  • 230 page “Shortcut to Spanish” guidebook
  • 31 MP3 audio lessons (equivalent to 3 compact discs)
  • You own personal Spanish coach, email support



P.S. Learning Spanish should be fun. But it is no fun if all you learn is a bunch of rules about how not to make mistakes. I don’t focus on grammar rules. instead I show you Spanish you can use right away. From the very first lesson you will have fun speaking real and useful Spanish.