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The 28 Day Spanish Challenge
(Find Your Spanish Voice)

“If You’ve Got 10 Minutes A Day, I Guarantee You Too Can Speak Spanish With More Freedom And Confidence”
Start the 28 Day Challenge Today And Amaze Your Amigos With How Many Spanish Sentences Flow Freely From Your Mouth…

Here is some great news if you’d like to speak and enjoy the Spanish language.

30% of the Spanish words have the same roots as English words.

That means English speakers can recognize and use almost 1/3 of the language right away.

Speaking Spanish doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming.

The problem is that most Spanish textbooks teach the language upside down/backwards.

They start on the difficult parts of the language such as grammar and verb charts. Soon you’re frustrated and tongue tied.

We flip that around by tapping into the 1/3 of the Spanish language that comes naturally to English speakers. This ties everything else together.

Start here…and within just 10 minutes a day you too can speak Spanish in flowing sentences almost immediately.

Let me show you what I mean.

Probably the most common topic for sharing with friends is eating.

So many words about food just fall into place, restaurante, menú, las frutas, los vegetales.

With just a little guidance you’ll recognize these words and phrases:(Just touch the words or point your mouse to see the English translations)

Las frutas tropicalesThe tropical fruits
La ensaladaThe salad
La sopaThe soup
Ensalada con limón, vinagre y olivasSalad with Lemon, vinegar and olives
La ensalada de frutas con frutas tropicalesThe fruit salad with tropical fruits
Mi fruta favorita es el mangoMy favourite fruit is the mango
Es deliciosaIt is delicious
La sopa de vegetales con broccoli y coliflorThe vegetable soup with broccoli and cauliflower

Spanish just keeps on giving.

If you like music, Spanish does you un gran favor (a great favor)

See how many of these words you can recognize.

La músicaThe music
La composiciónThe composition
La percusiónThe percussion
La improvisaciónThe improvisation
La música clásicaThe classical music
La música instrumentalThe intrumental music
La música electronicaThe electronic music
La orquestaThe orchestra

These instrumentos you’ll probably recognize right away.

La guitarra eléctricaThe electric guitar
La guitarra acústicaThe acoustic guitar
La harmónicaThe harmonica
El acordeónThe accordion
El pianoThe piano

Familiar words quickly turn into phrases and sentences

Detesto los musicalesI detest the musicals
Excepto HamiltonExcept Hamilton
Adoro HamiltonI adore Hamilton
Adoro la música de Carlos SantanaI adore the music of Carlos Santana
Es una fusiónIt is a fusion
De la música LatinaOf the Latin music
Y la música rockAnd the rock music
Mi banda favorita es SantanaMy favourite band is Santana

You can speak Spanish with language that’s comfortable and familiar.

It makes Spanish fun.

And gives you confidence.

As it unlocks more freedom with the language each day.

Spanish falls into place no matter your age or past experience.

All you have to do is complete one short episode each day for 28 days.

And you’ll find yourself speaking and understanding about food, shopping, music, family, travel and much more.

Just follow the sequence and you’ll pick up even more than Spanish words.

You’ll also acquire Spanish speaking patterns that English speakers can use right away.

The patterns have Spanish flowing from your mouth in full sentences.

Each day you become more expressive in Spanish.

You speak with greater freedom and confidence.

Each episode releases more Spanish

And it is real-life language you can use in the plaza’s, cafes and markets.

All you have to do is dedicate around 10 minutes a day for 28 days to find your Spanish voice.

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The 28-Day Spanish Challenge (Find Your Spanish Voice)

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You just show up, complete the episode and speak with more freedom and confidence each day

If you miss a day, no hay problema! (no problem!). You’ll have lifetime access to all the episodes in the member’s area to enjoy at your own pace.

Plus, you can download the audio so you can speak Spanish in your car, while you do chores or anywhere you want to use to pick up this beautiful language.

And you also get all 28 step by step episodes on video. This format makes speaking Spanish super easy. The language will flow freely from your mouth in no time as you both hear and see it come to life in front of you.

And to keep Spanish in front of your eyes, you also get word guides for each of the talk topics…ready to review at a moment’s notice before meeting with your amigos.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

To make sure you have nothing to lose I also have a 100% guaranteed for a full 60 days.

Just dedicate 10 minutes a day just complete on lesson a day for 28 days and watch as you speak Spanish with more freedom and confidence each day. Amaze your amigos with how many Spanish sentences flow freely from your mouth.

Speaking Spanish this way gives you a sense of excitement and progress that’s invigorating, every day you become better and even more inspired.

Have fun unlocking this beautiful language following the same easy steps that’s helped thousands of my other students…from ages 13 to 96.

This is your ticket to speaking and enjoying everything this beautiful language brings to life.

Click the button below NOW to start speaking Spanish with more freedom and confidence in just 10 minutes a day…

Here’s What’s Included In The 28-Day Spanish Challenge

(Massive 60% Off The Entire Package)

Chat about music, family, food shopping, travel & more

  • Lifetime Access
  • 28 Online Audio Lessons
  • 28 Online Video Lessons
  • Transcripts of all lessons

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee

The Simple Techniques in The 28-Day Spanish Challenge are Exactly What I used to Finally Speak Spanish.

When I first started learning Spanish, I tried all the traditional methods. However, they just overwhelmed and confused me with academic theory. I couldn’t chat with my amigos.

Eventually I stumbled upon a few simple methods that unlocked the Spanish language and changed my life.

These proven techniques could change your life too. Check out the comments below about this easy way of speaking Spanish.

What My Students are Saying

Here’s What’s Included In The 28-Day Spanish Challenge

(Massive 60% Off The Entire Package)

Chat about music, family, food shopping, travel & more

  • Lifetime Access
  • 28 Online Audio Lessons
  • 28 Online Video Lessons
  • Transcripts of all lessons

One Time Payment – Lifetime Access – 60 Day Guarantee