Have you ever wanted to tell someone that they’re acting inappropriately?

The other day I didn’t like how a friend’s kids were talking to my kids.


I chose a little verbal aikido and deflected the situation. I said, “In our house we respect others so we’d had better talk about something else.”

What I really wanted to say was “pull those bloody kids into line.” But that would have broken my own rule about respect and set a bad example.

It was a good thing that me callé (I kept quiet).

What if that had been a Spanish speaker acting inappropriately? Here’s a way you can let them know.

To say something isn’t appropriate you can simply say, “no es correcto.”

That’s very easy to remember as it looks like English.

It means the same as it does in English, ‘it’s not correct’ or ‘it’s not right’. However, it also implies that something is not appropriate.

Here are some real-life Spanish sentences you can create with “it’s not correct and other useful expressions.

Por aquí
Around here

You’ll hear that one a lot.

Por aquí no es correcto.
Around here it’s not appropriate.

And here’s one more phrase to give you a trifecta of useful Spanish expressions.

llegar tarde
To arrive late/to be late

All three fit nicely together in a complete sentence full of useful Spanish phrases.

Por aquí no es correcto llegar tarde.
Around here it’s not appropriate to arrive late.

Great little phrase that, and very authentic.

Now I can’t imagine you ever needing to tell a Spanish speaker they should be on time but you never know.

Sorry for the sarcasm. Discúlpame (Forgive me!) I have a lot of experience with that subject.

To recap I gave you three very useful everyday Spanish phrases.

Por aquí
Around here

No es correcto
It’s not right/it’s nor appropriate

Llegar tarde
To be late

I’m putting together a new audio series full of this kind of everyday Spanish.
It’ll be in my usual style where you speak to learn rather than learn to speak.

I enjoy sharing useful phrases with you like the ones on this blog post. If you want to speak authentic Spanish with your amigos that’s what this new series, is all about.

I have seen it time and again, if you start speaking Spanish, the lesson stays in your long-term memory. With just a little practice you can use the Spanish in real life almost at will.

This program is specifically for the intermediate and advanced students. It’s full of interactive audio designed to take you to the next level of speaking Spanish the way Spanish speakers do.

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