How to Understand More Spanish… Even When Your Amigos Speak
At Full Speed

Spanish is commonly spoken 20% faster than the English language (proven in multiple studies).

Spanish words can roll together, because so many Spanish words end in the letters “o” and “a”.

This drives many new Spanish speakers crazy…especially me when I was first getting started.

You have two ways to face this challenge.

1. You can say “más despacio por favor”

It means “more slowly please”.

Most Spanish speakers are very gracious and will slow down for you.

But wouldn’t you rather blend into conversations?  Speak with your friends with confidence and freedom. Fit in like a local not an outsider. Watch as your amigos become so impressed with your Spanish they treat you like any other native speaker.

2. Tap Into Fearless Fluency Conversations

Soon you too can understand more Spanish at the normal pace. Speak authentic Spanish and comprehend more of what your amigos say to you.

This is a step by step system that opens your ears to Spanish.

And as your ears open to Spanish, the Spanish world opens to you.

This is what I needed when struggling to keep up with my amigos.

Sometimes keeping up with the speed of Spanish felt like climbing Everest without a Sherpa or even a map.

Often, I felt lost and on my own.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I’ll be your guide and hand you an easy to follow map to understanding Spanish

I first discovered how vital this was when I was teaching English in Tijuana.

Tijuana can be jarring to the senses. It’s barren, crowded and dangerous.

Yet for my Mexican students who had to learn English…the city and it’s 1,000 factories represented opportunity for a better life.

I loved helping my students take better care of their families through language.

But one day it seemed like the class went crazy.

The students were boisterous.

They were middle level managers. Yet they were acting like preschoolers drunk on tequila.

They were usually so dedicated. They would learn English from 5 -7 pm after a 10-hour work day that started at 7:00AM.

Yet, this day for some reason they were bouncing off the walls.

I was clueless about why they were acting this way.

I was desperate to control the class.  But nothing I did held their attention for more than a few seconds.  It was like I wasn’t even there.

All the laughing.

“What are they laughing about?”

I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Are they laughing at me?”

“Are they making fun of me behind my back?”

Finally, enough was enough.

“Either bloody pay attention to what I am saying or go home to your families and stop wasting your time and mine. ”

You should have seen the shock on their faces.

I’m a pretty easy going and quiet guy. They’d never seen me like this.

The silence was deafening.

Then Marisol spoke up “Sorry teacher, we are excited because we are going to spend Friday training at the Oasis Hotel.”

I knew the hotel well. It was a couple of beaches over from my house.

They were in ecstasy about the view, ambience and location that I enjoyed every day.

I took for granted what sent them into a frenzy of excitement.

Que idiota fui. (What an idiot I was.)

I felt 2 inches tall.

I blamed the students for being unruly. But the culprit was my weakness in understanding Spanish.

Even though I was teaching English in a Spanish speaking country, I wasn’t living the full Spanish experience.

Sure, when people spoke “despacio” (slowly) I could hold my own.

But when they spoke among themselves I was lost.

And when they were as excited and animated like my students were about the hotel I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

I felt paranoid, vulnerable and left out.

This had to end.  Here’s how my quest to fully understand Spanish led me to a breakthrough and…

How My Breakthrough Will Fast Track Your Spanish Life

I already knew it wasn’t about torturing myself with grammar and traditional textbooks.

I already suffered through por vs para, ser vs estar and indirect object pronouns until my eyes popped out.

Studying all the mistakes you can make in Spanish makes you fearful to even open your mouth.  You get so stuck in your head that you can’t tune in to the flow of the language.

And obviously, immersing myself in the language didn’t work.  I was already immersed…in the deep end…and ready to drown.

You’ll never expand your Spanish simply trying to eavesdrop on things you don’t understand. That’s like trying to become a dentist by getting lots of fillings.

I begged my friend Bill, a wily old Spanish teacher, to help me with my problem.

He said “you are close. you could pick up a lot just by reading in Spanish.”

Just reading?

Are you joking?

That sounded easy. I could do that.

I read in Spanish every day.

It helped. I picked up vocabulary and felt more familiar with Spanish. I could understand more, and it even transferred to conversations.

But there was still a giant chasm between me and my amigos whenever they picked up the pace.

I dug deeper.

I expanded my vocabulary by thousands of words. (this was a huge mistake that I’ll tell you about soon, so you don’t make the same error.)

The extra vocabulary was useful. It gave me more clarity.

Yet other times I understood all the words, but still couldn’t understand the conversation.

Why did I know so many words but understand so little?

There was something missing, but I had no clue what it was.

Eventually I stumbled upon the missing pieces of the puzzle.

The discovery came from an obscure book that talked about collocations.

They are words that combine to create new meanings. And they are very different in Spanish than in English.

For example, in English we say, “at the most” in Spanish they say “cuando mucho”.

Word for word, “cuando mucho” translates to “when a lot”. That’s very different to what it really expresses which is, “at the most.”

Finally, I discovered the treasure that tied the Spanish language together for me.

It was like I had discovered…

a whole new world of invisible vocabulary.

Here’s more of the invisible Spanish vocabulary: “de vez en cuando. ”

Word for word it’s completely different to the actual meaning.

The words say, “of time in when” the meaning is, “every now and then.”

This invisible Spanish appears all the time, in almost every sentence.

It’s like buying a new car. Before you start thinking about the car you hardly notice the model.  Now you see it everywhere.

The background hum of Spanish was starting to go from white noise to sweet music.

Then one day I was watching La Academia; a reality TV show a little like the Got Talent and Idol shows.

As the host dramatized who would go home, I realized I was understanding everything.

I was watching the show without any struggle or strain. I was comfortable understanding Spanish

What red letter day.


“Por fin” (At last)

A few days later I was driving around San Diego, California.

As I flicked through radio stations between Spanish and English I felt no disconnect. Listening to Spanish was like listening to English

I was completely comfortable with both languages

You can have the same experience.

It will be a glorious day for you just like it was for me.

You’ll feel at ease..

You’ll be comfortable and at home with Spanish

Your confidence will soar.

You can go anywhere in the Spanish world with a sense of true freedom.

Live in the Spanish-speaking world as easily as the English-speaking world.

You can upgrade your lifestyle, enjoy daily adventures and make lots of new amigos.

You could even take a grown-up gap year.

Why should the kids have all the fun? There are 21 Spanish speaking countries for you to explore.

And your money goes so much further in those countries. In fact in many of the countries you get a large meal for about the price of a cappuccino or two.

You can hire housekeepers and gardeners and free up your time for the things you really want to do.

Tropical paradises, quaint colonial towns or bustling cities full of vibrant culture await you.

Imagine freely talking to the shopkeepers and baristas, the stallholders in the markets.

Find out about the exotic foods they have on display. Go where the locals go. Eat where the locals eat

As you chat with them you’ll stand out in a good way.

English speakers who speak and fully understand Spanish are rare. People truly warm to you when you have this skill.

It’s stunning the offers and invitations you receive.

Your neighbors aren’t just the people over the fence but your new amigos.

I’ve enjoyed long lunches that turned into dinners and late nights that are so much fun time evaporates.

It opens up a whole new world for you. Business opportunities, adventure opportunities and new lifelong friendships suddenly appear.

I’m excited for you.

When you step into this new way of interacting in Spanish it is exhilarating.

With each new level of understanding your life continues to expand.

You can live in an upward spiral every day, every week and every month you understand more Spanish

And it’s fun.

You become more self-assured as speak with more clarity.

And of course, you fit right in as you understand more of what your amigos say.

These tools can take your Spanish to this life changing level…

The 1st Half of Fearless Fluency Conversations Gives You the Deep Understanding of the Spanish That’s Invisible to English Speakers

As each new piece of Invisible Spanish gets added to your repertoire it’s like filling in a jigsaw puzzle.

Soon you start seeing an outline of the whole picture and adding extra pieces becomes easier. Knowing where the next piece fits becomes more obvious with every piece you add.

All it takes are short 7-10 minute fun sessions to improve your Spanish ear.

They are fun, they are fast, and they are rewarding.

They increase your confidence.

The invisible Spanish becomes clear to you.

And they make it so much faster than trying to figure this out in your own.

You can enjoy hearing Spanish much sooner than I did.

Not only will you discover the invisible Spanish, but you’ll also speak it along with me in common daily conversations.

The 2nd Half of Fearless Fluency Conversations Brings Your Spanish to Life

This section grows your confidence for real life Spanish conversations. Each month it takes you on a fun filled adventurous expedition..

It takes you by the hand into brave new territories of Spanish life. You’ll put on your explorer’s hat and delve into the parts of Spanish that are most important to you.

Here are some examples of the exciting adventures you’ll soon experience…

Body – health and fitness You’ll start speaking and understanding Spanish about fitness. You can chat about the gym, the yoga mat or taking a gentle stroll on the beach or in the forest. Whether you love or hate exercise you’ll be able to speak freely to your amigos and tell them exactly how you feel.

Then in the health section you’ll speak all about your body. You’ll be comfortable talking to the nurse in the medical clinic, your pharmacist or your doctor.

Mind – Do your amigos like doing new things and picking up new skills? Do they like to travel, explore and discover the world around them? Or do they stay close to home enjoying dominos and cards? Maybe they like to paint or do crafts. Perhaps they keep themselves busy listening to music, dancing and playing instruments

And what about you, how do you keep your mind active?

Do you like to meet new people, have adventures and travel or are you a homebody?

However you keep you mind active, now you can chat about your passions with your amigos over a beer, wine or long meal

SOUL – (this series is coming in April) We’ll touch on religion and spirituality. After all, it’s an important part of life in Spanish speaking countries. You’ll understand your friends on a more intimate level.

This is also about what lights up your spirit. The things that make you feel most alive and passionate. That way you’ll have lively, fun and animated Spanish conversations long into the night.

And these are just the beginning.  Soon you’ll discover what makes your amigos tick.   Who are they and what do they value?  Are they night owls or morning larks?   What are their values? What do they cherish?

Find out what makes your amigos laugh and what makes them cry.

This is Spanish for deep conversations, intimacy and connections that last a lifetime.

There are also series on Marriage and travel available right now and these topics coming soon.

Home…Careers…Retirement…Hobbies…Family…Pets…Beaches…and all the other exciting topics of daily life.

Each adventure has between 7 and 9 conversational lessons. They open your ears, so you understand more Spanish on the subjects that you’re most likely to hear and talk about.

The lessons are 7- 10 minutes each. Short, fun sessions that boost your comprehension, confidence, and independence with Spanish

Not only will you understand more, but you’ll also have flexibility to consistently say what you want in Spanish.

Imagine the freedom of going anywhere and speaking to strangers with confidence. Your new Spanish life adventure awaits.

Soon These 2 Components of Fearless Fluency Will Have You Understanding the invisible Spanish and blending into real life conversation with native Spanish speakers.

Tuning into the speed of Spanish was my final hurdle to blending into Spanish life.

It was the most difficult language barrier for me to overcome.

But you’ll have this easy guide and step-by-step roadmap to make it exciting, fun, and rewarding

You’ll soak up the Spanish and be able to talk on a wide range of topics.

Experience true freedom and confidence in the Spanish-speaking world.

Best of all, you can try it out for just 10 bucks..

This gives you full access to Fearless Fluency Conversations.

You’ll get instant access to over 90 training sessions split between the two components of Fearless Fluency Conversations.

New conversations are added each month, so you have a growing library of Spanish that blends into daily life.

Go through these videos in sequence or choose the ones you most need to boost your understanding of Spanish. They are clearly labeled and linked so you can easily find the lesson path that is ideal for you.

You’ll feel your confidence growing after just a few lessons.

Get instant access to all of this for just 10 dollars.

Fearless Fluency Conversations

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And I’m taking all the risk.

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