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How To Accelerate Your Conversational Spanish
To Quickly Increase Your Confidence with Speaking Spanish

Synergy Spanish has given you 138 critical words to get by in Spanish.

It’s the key to quickly and easily forming sentences better that many Spanish students who have been stuck in the classroom for years.

The patterns in Synergy Spanish are so powerful you’ll be able to make as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 words.

Now you can expand the 138 words from Synergy Spanish into real life daily conversations and boost your confidence with Spanish.


Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator

You can accelerate your Spanish conversational skill in the safety of your own home with this program.

It has you speaking along with me about the common topics that come up every day in Spanish.

You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed speaking with your amigos.

Imagine just being able to open your mouth and speak Spanish as naturally as if it were English.

And imagine having Spanish people compliment you on how well you speak (this is the best feeling in the world!).

This is when the world opens up to you with deeper friendships with your Spanish Amigos (now you’re speaking to them in their language).

You can look forward to easily and effortlessly moving through any Spanish-speaking country when you become conversationally confident.

“Experience Comfortable and Relaxed Conversations in Spanish with Your Friends, Neighbors, And People You Meet At the Town Square”

With the Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator you’ll…

  • Multiply your Spanish skills faster so you can speak and understand more than ever before
  • Feel confident so you can have real Spanish conversations with Spanish speaking people
  • Become a comfortable speaker who gets compliments from the locals

This is the quickest way to take your Spanish to the next level fast!

Here’s how the Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator unlocks your Freedom to Speak Spanish Comfortably In Daily Conversations

Synergy Spanish teaches you the three-step system to combine Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Words and make as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 Words.

Now with the Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator you can apply those words and patterns to speak along with me just like you would in real world conversations with your amigos, vecinos (neighbors), and the people you meet in the cafes.

You and I along with, mi amigo, Yamil, will chat together just like we would over a coffee or a meal. We’ll chat about these 6 common conversation themes you’ll use almost daily in the real world…

  1. Birthdays And Parties
  2. Children And Grandchildren
  3. Travel
  4. What You’ll Do After Retirement
  5. Living In A Spanish Speaking Country
  6. Talking About Your Level Of Spanish

Each of these is just a theme to expand your conversational Spanish.