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Synergy Spanish has given you 138 critical words to get by in Spanish:

44 Brick Verbs x 30 Synergy Verbs x 64 Mortar Words = 84,480 possible phrases


As you know, this unique approach is the secret to quickly and easily forming sentences you can use in the real world immediately.

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Synergy Spanish - 8x

Doubling the words you know, doubles your Spanish... right?

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79 Brick Verbs x 79 Synergy Verbs x 118 Mortar Words = 736,438 possible phrases

That's 8.7 times the Spanish you have right now...Guaranteed to Multiply Your Confidence, Your Freedom, and Your Lifestyle

Are you ready to speak Spanish more like a native?

Do you want to have natural and enjoyable conversations with your amigos?

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All this (and more) is now possible in record time.

Express Yourself More Freely About the Things That Are Important to You...Including Your Family, Daily Life, And What You're Most Passionate About

You already have 138 of the most important words in Spanish.

And just by adding the next 138… you can dramatically multiply the amount of Spanish you speak.

With even more words and phrases, you'll be able to express yourself in ways you never thought possible.

And blend into regular conversations with native speakers like you're one of the locals.

You Can Speak More Spanish With Your Amigos, Neighbors, And People You Meet In Daily Life

With Synergy Spanish 8X you'll...
  • Multiply your Spanish so you can speak and understand more than ever before
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  • Get compliments (and respect) from the locals with your mastery of the Spanish language
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Most students become so excited about their progress that they breeze through the lessons within just a few weeks.

In fact, some of my students have told me "It's so much fun it's addictive!" (in a healthy and enjoyable way, of course).

Here's How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Multiply Your Spanish...By Plugging these Brand NEW Lessons Right Into Your Current Routines

You've already committed to speaking Spanish with Synergy Spanish.

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Each lesson includes both audio and video versions, along with a complete written transcript of every conversation.

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