When I was a kid playing soccer in high school I had my glory day.

I took a corner kick


The ball went into the net…

from the corner!

I bent the ball like a David Beckham banana kick.

Then, I was about to take another corner and the coach yelled out “we expect you to do it again Santamaria.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding”

I looked around and all the eyes gazing at me expecting another goal… from a corner.

I ran in took the kick

It headed towards the goal over the outstretched hand of the goalkeeper.


It bounced off the crossbar and out of play.

A great collective groan.

Then lots of pats on the back, “well done you almost did it again”

Everyone thought I was a genius.

Except for me.

I knew all along I was just trying to kick the ball into play.

I had no intention of scoring a goal, or nearly scoring a second one, it was all a complete fluke.

A similar thing happened when I was teaching English in Mexico.

One day in a management meeting, my student Santos stood up and expressed his ideas articulately in English with force and presence.

He stunned the room because nobody had heard him say a word of English before and here he was holding court.

When they asked him what happened Santos sang my praises, “I have a wonderful teacher.”

The director of human resources thought I had superpowers to take him from zero to hero in such a short time.

While I soaked up the glory, I also played it down.

Santos was a great student. He followed the same step-by-step system that I taught all my students.

You too can speak Spanish that will surprise and inspire your friends.

This system works even for those who have tried other Spanish courses before without results.

The Spanish in my series of free lessons “Spanish passion unity and friendship” is a great example of how anyone can speak impressive Spanish.

It starts you out speaking easily.

Then it just continues in a series of steps that make sense and you end up speaking flowing Spanish. You even use the subjunctive mood.

If you missed the first videos in this series you’ll find them on the blog posts below.

Spanish Passion, Unity, and Friendship – parte uno

Spanish Passion, Unity, and Friendship – parte dos

When you put those lessons together with the two videos below, you end up speaking very articulate and highly impressive Spanish.

And I don’t want any credit for how great your Spanish will sound.

Put in the effort, follow the steps and enjoy your rewards.

Even if you have failed to speak Spanish after taking other courses.

Spanish Passion Unity and Friendship Lesson 3 – Part 1

Part 2 is directly below this video

Click here to download video version

Click here to download audio version.

Spanish Passion Unity and Friendship Lesson 3 – Part 2

Click here to download video version

Click here to download audio version.

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