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Synergy Spanish transforms the Spanish you’re speaking into flowing, conversational sentences for communicating with your amigos.

And Now You Can Get By in Spanish With Just 138 Words!

It’s crazy. So many people who want to speak Spanish end up not being able to speak at all. Yet, there is a simple formula that virtually assures your success. All you need to do is learn just 138 words. Then, I'll show you how to use them so effectively that native Spanish speakers will be amazed at how easily you express yourself in their language. Yes, I know it sounds incredible, maybe even too good to be true (just look at all of the unsolicited testimonials to the right of this page). But when you experience the power of using patterns to multiply Spanish for yourself, you'll know just how easy speaking Spanish can be. When you know the formula, it's a piece of cake to make thousands of Spanish phrases from that small list of just 138 words. The secret lies in a simple method of combining Spanish words. A method that is very straightforward. In fact, with just a little effort you can master the entire system in as little as 7 days...

It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, or Your Previous Experience in Spanish, Now Communicating in Spanish Is Possible for Everyone

  • Speak Spanish that will impress even a native – even if you feel like you’ve had a "mental block" with learning Spanish before
  • Avoid the traps that stop most people from speaking Spanish
  • Feel comfortable in real-world Spanish conversations in much less time and with much less effort than any other system
  • Connect with locals if you live in a Spanish-speaking country or a Latino community in the U.S.
  • Converse with your Spanish-speaking coworkers and neighbors
  • Travel to exotic Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, and experience the real flavor of the local culture
  • Teach your children or grandchildren to speak Spanish

Enhance Your Travel Experiences by Speaking Just a Handful of Words

Travel is exhilarating when you're confident enough in your Spanish to escape from the tourist traps. Instead of some plastic, made-for-the-masses, fake experience, you can soak up the vitality of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, as you move freely among the locals. Your new ability in Spanish is your passport to go where the tourists don't go. It's your ticket to experiencing real conversations in Spanish for the very first time. "It's like entering some secret club, with a hospitality you have never felt before. You'll get extra attention in the restaurants. You'll get tips on where to find the best-quality authentic products. And of course, when you speak Spanish the prices are so much better." Native Spanish speakers appreciate your efforts to speak to them in their language. As soon as people realize that you are not the typical ugly foreigner expecting "them" to speak English, you will be amazed how warmly you are treated. And we don't even have time go into how dramatically your life will change If you work with Spanish speakers, or live in a Spanish-speaking country.

It's Simply Astonishing How Well You'll Express Yourself

Maybe you already know more than 138 Spanish words and you still can’t communicate. It's not your fault. The fault lies in the methods you have been taught. Spanish words are usually taught in thematic lists. That is the laziest way to build a Spanish course. When I created Synergy Spanish, my goal was to hand you the quickest and easiest way to communicate in Spanish. That meant close to a year of unraveling the Spanish language and hand-selecting 138 easy-to-speak words that create patterns which multiply into 88,000 Spanish phrases. Then I put together a step-by-step sequence that programs these patterns directly into your mind...until they come out of your mouth naturally in Spanish conversation. Instead of learning thematic word-lists that make you sound like a caveman, you discover patterns that multiply Spanish. Then the words flow naturally into Spanish phrases you can use any time you want.

You Can't Fail, No Matter Your Past Experience With Spanish.

Perhaps you too know what it feels like to study Spanish without success in communication. If you haven't achieved the results you wanted, don't worry, I have great news: you'll speak in flowing sentences even before you finish Section 1... By Section 5, you'll be speaking Spanish with real confidence everywhere you go. Here's how each of the sections gives your Spanish a natural flow: Synergy Spanish Course Sections
Section 1: You speak about yourself. You feel your confidence soar as Spanish starts rolling off your tongue in clear sentences. After completing the 8 user-friendly lessons you are ready to advance to the conversational part of the course.
Section 2: This is the dialog-building part of the course, where you multiply your conversation skills. Now the fun really begins. After all, your reason for learning Spanish is to interact with people, isn't it?This section gets you expressing even more than you ever thought you could. Best of all, it happens in a far shorter time than you ever imagined possible. Although you are not yet even halfway through the course, I'll bet you are itching to get out there and try your new Spanish-speaking skills. Plus, I show you how to utilize sentence-starters and sentence-builders, so your Spanish really starts flowing very freely.
Section 3: Are you going to travel with your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, children or friends? Then Section 3 has extra appeal for you.Even when you're not traveling or you travel alone, this section gives you extra Spanish-speaking skills to use everyday. You talk about what you are doing as a group. Again, it's easy. You just add another layer. And while you practice talking about your group, you learn more Brick and Mortar words. With every addition you speak on a wider range of topics. Yet, even though you are using a lot more Spanish, it's always easy for you to speak freely and comfortably.
Section 4: You'll extend your conversational ability to speak to groups of people. This is for talking to in-laws, workers, students, etc. With the command you now have of the language, it's easy to talk to them all as a group.You are becoming very accomplished in your ability to communicate in Spanish. However, I must emphasize again, there is no confusion. It's still straightforward. It's as easy-to-follow as the first step, even though now your skill is much more advanced.
Section 5: It's time to bring it all home. You round out your narration skills. Talk about your kids, wife, countrymen, work mates, anyone you want, in free-flowing sentences.When you finish, you realize that you have never had to suffer through mind-numbing conjugations, yet you are speaking in perfectly conjugated Spanish sentences. Without studying direct and indirect object pronouns, you are using them in almost every sentence. All the confusion has been eliminated. The grammatical labels are stripped away and are unnecessary because you have taken command of your communication in Spanish. You have a very comfortable and natural feel for the Spanish language.

Here's What Others Have to Say About My Teaching Methods...


“Now, I can speak with my five new children. Thanks for helping us!”

“Thank you so much for creating this program. My husband and I are adopting five children from Guatemala and really needed a quick way to learn Spanish. Your lessons have been a godsend! Other programs we have tried just haven't clicked. Your method runs circles around all the others we have attempted!
Thanks again.
Ahora, puedo hablar con mi cinco nuevos ninos! Gracias por ayudarnos! (now, I can speak with my five new children. Thanks for helping us!)”

- Renee and Scott Dean - Georgia, USA


“A few weeks ago my knowledge of Spanish proper was zero and now I am confident enough to speak and read the language.”

- Michael (Dr. Michael Patrick Collins) - United Kingdom


“Your courses are so superior to my college education”

“I can't begin to express sufficiently my gratitude for your classes.
When I was in college a long time ago, my major was French. I only wish I could have had your courses then.
Your courses are so superior to my college education.
So I compliment you and your staff for my wonderful Spanish training. I go to Costa Rica often for dental and medical care, and as an ecotourist. I am always complimented on my pronunciation of the Spanish language, and recently, the usage.”

- Larry Tomaw

Synergy Spanish on Video $48.50
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The Synergy Spanish System – Your Success Is as Easy as One, Two, Three!

You will get the three essential ingredients necessary to give you command of the Spanish Language.

1. The Synergy Spanish Fast-Start Guide:

This guide gives you everything you need to master the foundation of your Spanish-speaking success: the Synergy Verbs and Brick and Mortar words. You start speaking freely and expressively as you discover the secrets of how to combine Spanish words into fluent sentences. In this fast-start guide you also discover...
  • What to focus on for Spanish success from the first day – if you’re serious about using your Spanish in the real world.
  • Why learners who focus on minor points of grammar generally fail miserably in real-world Spanish communication.
  • The memory technique that took me from failure to success in Spanish.
  • How to learn Spanish words 4 or 5 times faster, with less effort.
  • 22 Spanish multipliers: These easy multipliers instantly boost your ability to interact with anyone.
  • How to make a good first impression every time.
  • A simple mistake language students make that causes tension when speaking to natives – why it happens and how to avoid it...and make people warm up to you instead.
  • Why being bold is almost always more important than being perfect...make the most effective use of your Spanish every time.
  • Simple sentences-starters and sentences-builders: Multiply your power of communication in Spanish with simple patterns you can use right away.
  • Fend off bad habits with easy-to-understand accuracy pointers. Start on the right foot and make a habit of speaking Spanish well.
  • How to maximize and multiply your Spanish. You’ll discover why most Spanish courses cover too many topics. They overload you and leave you not knowing how to use anything. Instead, you'll master the most important parts of Spanish and have much more power to communicate in less time with less effort.

2. The Synergy Spanish Audio and Video Lessons:

Have you ever listened to a language audio and felt totally lost? So many courses have long dialogs or situations with Spanish spoken very fast right from the first lesson. Somehow you are expected to magically learn Spanish by listening to something you can't understand. In your Synergy Spanish course you’ll speak to learn instead of learning to speak. The audio and video lessons in Synergy Spanish are designed to actively involve you in your learning. They build up in steps, so you never feel lost. You gradually use more words, in more patterns. It's always enjoyable and stimulating as you express more with each lesson. In fact, some of my students describe it as "so much fun it's addictive." (In a healthy and enjoyable way, of course.) They even feel a little sad when they finish the course as they miss their lessons. Sure sounds better than being bored or confused, doesn't it? If you have tried other courses and have been at a complete loss, take heart, this will be a very different experience. Instead of boredom, confusion and frustration you'll...
  • Quickly go from your first words to your first sentences... Even if you have never learned a word of Spanish, you will go from zero to real communication in no time. You'll be making real Spanish sentences in your first lesson, which will take you less than 10 minutes to finish.
  • Use the most powerful, useful and fluid combinations of Spanish words. You can't overuse them. Native Spanish speakers instantly understand them. Most people never find out how to use this easy and fast way to interact with the Spanish world. Yet, it is so simple to use, once you are shown.
  • Step-by-step instructions for articulate Spanish with just 138 words. You master the words and patterns completely. That mastery gives you the ability to express yourself articulately and speak with confidence and fluidity anywhere you go.
  • The ultimate Spanish implementation system. Throughout each lesson you get immediate feedback. You know when you are doing well, and if you're not getting it right, just repeat the lesson. In no time, you'll be ready to step away from the course and use your Spanish in real-world situations.
  • Each lesson is an engaging 10–15 minutes. Practice speaking Spanish clearly in real sentences that’ll be understood wherever you go in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • You can practice without pressure or stress in your car or in your home. Each lesson builds onto the previous one. Almost without effort your Spanish gets better and better.
  • Best of all, it's fun; it's engaging and never boring because you enjoy the interaction. It leaves you wanting to do more. You are inspired to know that every time you use the lessons, your Spanish improves. You’ll be delighted to hear yourself say so much in Spanish from the handful of easily learned patterns.

3. Synergy Spanish Coaching

Synergy Spanish is very easy to get through, and for the most part it will seem effortless. But what happens if you do get stuck? In most Spanish courses that's where you would stop and never get to speak Spanish. Not so with Synergy Spanish; I am going to make sure you experience the thrill of speaking Spanish for the first time. I am a guy with a passion for Spanish and a gift for teaching. I am your Spanish communication coach. Should you hit a roadblock, I am here to help you - just send me an email. Use it as a lifeline. I'll get you through, so you achieve your goal of speaking Spanish. Frankly, most people never need to use this feature. The audio and fast-start action guides are so easy to follow you'll find speaking a very smooth process. Nonetheless, isn't it good to know you are not on your own and that help is available if you need it?

And you don’t have to decide today…you can get started for absolutely zero risk.

You'll Speak Spanish Successfully, 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back
Use Synergy Spanish for a full 60 days, interact with the lessons, then go and talk to your Spanish-speaking amigos. If they are not amazed at your new ability to communicate, if you are not thrilled with your new confidence with Spanish, or if you are not 100% delighted with how easy communicating in Spanish has become, I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked.Marcus Santamaria


“Once in Mexico I found myself speaking the language. I was so excited I was almost beside myself”

“I recently went to Mexico. I took the Copper Canyon Train Tour from Chihuahua to El Fuerte and back.
Up until this recent trip I had not spoken Spanish with anyone at all, just repeating the lessons as laid out.
Once in Mexico I found myself speaking the language. I was so excited I was almost beside myself, and to top it all off on more than one occasion Spanish speakers remarked on my excellent pronunciation as well as my spoken Spanish in general. Never once did anybody hesitate before answering me.
Kudos to you and your "Spanish Language Courses" Marcus. I am forever grateful.”

- Vicki Tyndall - British Columbia, Canada


“I feel as though my brain cells are suddenly increasing which isn't a bad thing at my age (64)”

- Penny Butt - United Kingdom


“I shocked my son(who is very fluent) with my new ability”

“Never before have I enjoyed learning anything like I have enjoyed using your course.
Your method is incredible! I lay there at night with my earpiece on listening to the audio lessons and with each lesson I am stunned at the quickness in which I learn new words and phrases.
I shocked my son (who is very fluent) with my new ability. He was skeptical at first when I told him of your method but when he heard me able to converse fluently with him, he was thrilled and encouraged me to continue!”

- Carole Liantonio - USA

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Synergy Spanish on Video $48.50
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One Time Payment - Lifetime Access - 60 Day Guarantee
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