Más vale tarde que nunca! (Better late than never!)

Hace un rato (a while back) you subscribed to receive some more advanced Spanish audios after doing the lesson on this page.


I finally have the next audio lesson ready for you.

I’ll send you the other two audios shortly.

Even though, el mundial se acabo (the world cup is over) you won’t have to wait 4 years to use the Spanish in the lesson.

The lesson uses a commonly used Spanish language pattern. It takes an advanced structure and makes it easy to use which will help you understand more of what you read and hear.

Plus, as with all my lessons, you speak to learn instead of learning to speak.

After the lesson you’ll have amore ways to express yourself in the beautiful Spanish language.

The Spanish you’ll speak sounds pretty impressive too.

Yet, even though it’s an advanced structure the speak-to-learn system will have you using it in just a few minutes.

Let me know how you do with the lesson.