5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

If you studied Spanish for years and you’re still struggling to string sentences together, it’s probably not your fault. Read this case study below about Dorothy. And know this:

Dorothy is intelligent. She’s in a PhD program, she had two tutors from Spain and Venezuela that spent two years with her and she could still barely string sentences together. Before I reveal too much, here’s Dorothy.


I bought your Synergy Spanish course out of desperation. Let me explain:

my grandparents on both sides are from Mexico but when they came to the US they were more interested in being Americans than being Mexicans. My parents spoke only English to us.

I am in a PhD program where I am required to learn a foreign language. Naturally I choose Spanish. I worked with a tutor from Spain for a year and a half. Then with a tutor from Venezuela for about 6 months. They were both helpful and I remain friends with them. They taught me a lot of grammar but to be honest I still could barely string a sentence together.

My vocabulary is pretty good. I can read a decent amount of Spanish but speaking and listening???? Again, I wish!!!

I have to learn in order to move to the final stage of my PhD program, I must pass a proficiency test in Spanish to be eligible to take the final exams

So you can see my desperation.

I am on lesson 7 of your program and I am thrilled so far. Woo-Hoo! I can speak Spanish

It’s really cool because you are not necessarily introducing me to new words but the best is that you are showing me how to use the words I already know to make sentences, useful sentences!!!!

I have an online language exchange partner. He told me my Spanish was better the other day. I was drinking a beer. He said maybe it was the beer. I laughed because I knew it was Synergy Spanish, not the beer.

Oh, I’ve talked too long…..I need to study and then go to class tonight!

Muchas Gracias!


No matter what your experiences with Spanish, I guarantee you’ll get result with synergy Spanish or your money back.