El domingo es el día internacional de la amistad. (Sunday is the International Day of Friendship.)

The Spanish videos at the bottom of this post are from Valentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers in the many Spanish speaking countries, it is also a day of amistades (friendships).

You’ll find the videos relevant to friendship as well as love.

Plus they’ll show you two everyday expressions that make Spanish flow and sound authentic.

They even give you some handy hints on using the tricky Spanish word se.

They also use the Synergy verb, Brick verb and Mortar Word patterns from Synergy Spanish.

If you haven’t done Synergy Spanish you’ll still get a lot from these videos.

And if you’re a Synergy Spanish graduate, you’ll see just how easy it is to talk about any theme you want with patterns you already know.

Here’s what the United Nations website says about el Día internacional de la amistad (International Day of Friendship).

La amistad entre los pueblos, los países, las culturas y las personas puede inspirar iniciativas de paz y presenta una oportunidad de tender puentes entre las comunidades.

(The friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.)

What better way to build a bridge with your fellow man than speaking his language?

Why not take a step along the bridge and speak some Spanish today with these free videos?

Getting By Building Fluency Gaining Mastery

Getting By Building Fluency Gaining Mastery