Bend it like Santamaria

When I was a kid playing soccer in high school I had my glory day.

I took a corner kick


The ball went into the net…

from the corner!

Scary Spanish subjunctive made easy

I specialize in making Spanish easy for anyone at any age.

You can speak Spanish quickly by starting with Spanish words and patterns that are easy for English speakers to use right away.

I always start with the familiar Spanish first.

As well as being faster to pick up it also […]

Unique little Spanish trick

Here is a unique little trick you can use right away to speak authentic Spanish.

Any time you want to express the idea “I am a/an…” in Spanish you can use soy, for example:

Soy australiano
I am an Australian

Soy profesor de español
I am a Spanish teacher

Soy católico
I am a catholic

Soy […]

13 Spanish-speaking countries going crazy

Starting today the citizens of 12 Spanish-speaking countries will have their eyes firmly gazed on the United States.

Fiebre de fútbol(football fever) is coming to the United States. Of the 16 finalists in La Copa de America 12 represent Spanish-speaking countries.

Passions will be ignited, countries will be unified and […]

Free Spanish Videos you’ll love

Whether you are a fanático del fútbol or not, the excitement will be hard to avoid over the next few weeks.

The Copa de America takes place this month. It’s a South American tournament, but this year it’s being held in the United States.

On the other side of the […]

Spanish Tips #2 – An Unbreakable Law Of the Universe

As you discovered in my 1st Spanish tip, I like to use “building blocks” to teach you Spanish in the fastest way possible.

I don’t mess around with grammar and tenses and the failed methods that have frustrated you and so many others for so […]

#1 Tip for Speaking Spanish fast

The most important tool you can use to learn Spanish – or any language for that matter – are mnemonics.

A Mnemonic is a memory “trick” that is a lot of fun…and very easy to learn.

But you rarely – if ever – see it taught in traditional Spanish textbooks, […]

119 Instant Spanish Words about music

Here’s the free list of 119 Spanish Words about music that you can pick up and start using instantly.

119 Instant Spanish Words about music

Here’s a Free video lesson to get you speaking about music in Spanish:

Start Speaking Spanish about […]

Useful, friendly, engaging Spanish phrases, part 3

I’ve got a new video for you today.

It’s always bothered me that most Spanish classes have no sequence.

Things just stand all alone.

That sucks!

It means that every day, you have to start all over again.

It feels like you are always at sea.

Yesterday the textbook had you studying ser vs. […]

Easy Spanish language pattern

This pattern is so natural you’ll be able to speak with it instantly.

Even if just starting out with Spanish the speak-to-learn video system will have you speaking in flowing sentences.

Not only is this pattern easy, it’s almost instant to use. It’ll quickly become part of your Spanish communication […]

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