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Easy Spanish language pattern

This pattern is so natural you’ll be able to speak with it instantly.

Even if just starting out with Spanish the speak-to-learn video system will have you speaking in flowing sentences.

Not only is this pattern easy, it’s almost instant to use. It’ll quickly become part of your Spanish communication […]

Spanish teacher sleeps with kangaroos

Last year, I fulfilled a 20-year promise to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge around my 50th birthday.

I made two Spanish lessons about turning 50 and throwing a birthday party.

This year for my 51st birthday I’ve arranged to sleep in the Sydney zoo with my kids.

No, we are not […]

Useful, friendly, engaging Spanish phrases

I‘ve got a new Spanish video for you. It’s a follow up to the one I sent a few days ago.

Like the first conversational Spanish booster this one too has lots of useful friendly conversational Spanish. It’s Spanish you can use right away in real life situations.

The first […]

Free for Synergy Spanish students Conversational Spanish VIDEO

A few days ago I posted an audio lesson. Recibió muchos comentarios positivos. (It received a lot of positive comments.)

Many comments were along the lines of this one from Lynn:

Love Marcus and his methods of teaching, but for me I need to see and hear the words as […]

Free Synergy Spanish Graduates Conversational Spanish Audio

They are designed to plug right into the language patterns from Synergy Spanish.

That’ll make it easy to add everyday expressions to your repertoire and give your Spanish a natural conversational flow.

Can you do me un favor and give this audio a try.


5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

Spanish Speaking Secret #1

Everyday frequently used words vs. uncommon, rare and wasteful words.

When I started Spanish I learned words like plughole, dish drainer and rasp.

I never used those words in a decade of living in a Spanish-speaking country.

Instead, […]

Why Mexico was bigger than the USA

Why Mexico was bigger than the USA
My Aussie friends are always surprised with my Mexican road trip stories.

Mexico is a much bigger country than people imagine.

The drive from Tijuana to Mexico City is 31 hours. And if you kept heading east to Cancun, you could drive […]

Conquering Spanish and their daughters

Conquering SPanish and Their Daughters
Great things happen when you can get by in Spanish.

You pick up extra language without trying. As you speak with your amigos, you absorb words, phrases and everyday language.

I remember one time when my Mexican friend Roberto was excited about a gig […]

The Spanish didn’t conquer Mexico

The Spanish Didnt Conquer Mexico
Who conquered Mexico?

I’ve discovered it wasn’t the Spanish.

Have I been drinking a coco loco? (Coconut water with tequila)

Here’s un punto de vista diferente de la historia (a different point of view of the history).

Elena’s dad, Roman, always used to tell me, Los […]

How I Bribe Mexican Cops

How I Bribe Mexican Cops
When I first arrived in Tijuana, I got pulled over by a motorcycle policeman after I accidentally made an illegal turn.

He was a bit like a caricature of a Mexican policía … the obligatory moustache and overweight, in a too-tight shirt that […]

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