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Essential Spanish expressions

Do you know these Spanish 5 common Spanish words and expressions?

de vez en cuando

muy a menudo




This video makes those words and expressions part of your conversational Spanish repertoire. […]

Say what you love in Spanish

Today I’ll give you a handy expression that will allow you to praise Spanish speakers about their country, food, and culture.

Plus I’ll show you how to multiply what you can say with a little twist. […]

Spanish Retirement Euphoria

In Spanish the word for “retirement” looks like an English word just not the one you were expecting.

The word for retirement is jubilación.

But it doesn’t mean jubilation.

Or does it? […]

Speak Father’s Day Spanish

I’ve got for you a special Father’s Day speak to learn Spanish video.

On this lesson you’ll speak all about Father’s Day.

You’ll also chat about seeing your father, children, grandchildren and family.

We’ll talk about love in an authentic and natural way. […]

Spanish Miracle Mornings

Have you ever had a day when you just can’t get going?

I used to start my days as grumpy as a bear with a sore head.

But, not anymore. […]

Keeping Spanish Simple

Why complicate Spanish, when you can K.I.S.S. Spanish?

Keep it Simple Spanish.

You won’t find analysis of the “pluperfect subjective” or any other intimidating labels.

Instead, you’ll only find Spanish you can use today in real-life. […]

How to pick up 1000s of Spanish words

Click here to go to

Here’s how to pick up an extra 1000 Spanish words:

Fast Way to Memorize Spanish Words

Ever wanted to speak Spanish but found it hard? I know I did initially too.

Why isn’t this part of all language classes, it just makes so much sense? This blew me away when I first learned it…

The Spanish ban ho

What the heck is “ban ho”?

I promise it’s not some horrible rap song.

You get bonus points if you figure out what “ban ho” means in Spanish before you play the video.

Hint: Tiene que ver con la pronunciación. (It has to do with the pronunciation.)

The Spanish video I promised you

Here is the fourth video in the “Spanish life, love and music” series.

This is where we bring the videos together and get your Spanish flowing about life, love and music.

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