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My speaking Spanish secret sauce video

This video shows you my secret sauce.

I used to keep it to close to my chest. I thought this was too valuable to share outside of my paid programs.

Now I openly share it.

It can get you unstuck from all the verb conjugation nightmares that usually come with Spanish classes.

Press play on the video below […]

This proves you really can speak Spanish

If you have ever doubted that you really can speak Spanish try these 3 free videos.

The sequence takes you from zero to flowing sentences of authentic everyday conversational Spanish.

Each step follows on gently from the last. All you have to do is speak to learn and real-life Spanish phrases will flow out of your […]

Free Video: Stress free Spanish verbs

We just finished the 3rd en la trilogía (in the trilogy) of big 5-0 speak-to-learn Spanish videos.

If you missed the first it’s here:

And the second is here:

If you’ve ever looked at a Spanish verb chart and said “o dios mío” (Oh my god), you’ll love this […]

Free videos make speaking Spanish eaten bread

Why eaten bread?

“Pan comido” (eaten bread) is a handy Spanish expression.

I’ll tell you about the expression shortly. It relates to the comments about my latest free confidence-creating Spanish videos.

If you missed them, you‘ll find them here:

Video Uno – Keeping Promises in Spanish

Video Dos – Instant Spanish […]

All-new Free Spanish Video: Instant Spanish Sentence Starter

In my last article I promised you an all-new Spanish video with an easy pattern to tell your friends what you are about to do.

Voy a cumplir la promesa. (I am going to keep the promise.)

Click the play button below for the Speak-to-Learn video:


This Spanish language […]

Keeping promises in Spanish

Back in 2000, when I was 35, I promised myself I would get by in Spanish antes de cumplir 36 años(before turning 36 years old).

After trying classes, textbooks and courses I still wasn’t able to keep that promise to myself.

If only Synergy Spanish was available back then keeping my promise would have been easy.

Speaking Spanish about your birthday

Do you know how to say “I am about to turn 50″ in Spanish?

What about…”I’m going to throw a party”?

Hint: Nothing gets thrown or turned in these Spanish sentences.

Complete this 10-minute video lesson and you’ll not only know the answer, you’ll use it in flowing Spanish sentences.

The speak-to-learn system will have you using the […]

Throw a Spanish party – Free Audio

English is strange!

Spanish makes more sense.

In English, noses run and feet smell.

Shouldn’t the feet do the running?

And the noses do the smelling?

In “inglés” (English) we also “throw” fiestas (parties).

And when we have a birthday, we “turn” years.

“I’m going to ‘throw’ a party because I am ‘turning’ 50.” […]

One-word Spanish requests

Here’s a good shortcut you can use to get things done in Spanish.

Did you know that Spanish has a complete tense for telling people what to do? It’s called the imperative.

I teach it in the advanced parts of my programs, but it complicates things for beginners. So it’s best left until later in your […]

Feliz Cumpleaños Dr. Seuss

March 2 is Dr Seuss’ birthday And I’m sillier than Dr Seuss. Some kids see their dad’s as gods. Others, like my kids, see their dad as anything but that.

Los niños en la clase de mi hija (The kids in my daughter’s class) had painted pictures of their dads for father’s day and […]

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