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5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

5 keys to speaking Spanish at any age

Spanish Speaking Secret #1

Everyday frequently used words vs. uncommon, rare and wasteful words.

When I started Spanish I learned words like plughole, dish drainer and rasp.

I never used those words in a decade of living in a Spanish-speaking country.

Instead, […]

Why Mexico was bigger than the USA

Why Mexico was bigger than the USA
My Aussie friends are always surprised with my Mexican road trip stories.

Mexico is a much bigger country than people imagine.

The drive from Tijuana to Mexico City is 31 hours. And if you kept heading east to Cancun, you could drive […]

Conquering Spanish and their daughters

Conquering SPanish and Their Daughters
Great things happen when you can get by in Spanish.

You pick up extra language without trying. As you speak with your amigos, you absorb words, phrases and everyday language.

I remember one time when my Mexican friend Roberto was excited about a gig […]

The Spanish didn’t conquer Mexico

The Spanish Didnt Conquer Mexico
Who conquered Mexico?

I’ve discovered it wasn’t the Spanish.

Have I been drinking a coco loco? (Coconut water with tequila)

Here’s un punto de vista diferente de la historia (a different point of view of the history).

Elena’s dad, Roman, always used to tell me, Los […]

How I Bribe Mexican Cops

How I Bribe Mexican Cops
When I first arrived in Tijuana, I got pulled over by a motorcycle policeman after I accidentally made an illegal turn.

He was a bit like a caricature of a Mexican policía … the obligatory moustache and overweight, in a too-tight shirt that […]

Spanish Language Crimes

Spanish Language Crimes
Some Spanish words can fool us.

I’ve been caught out a few times myself.

I once panicked when I lost my wife for hours in San Diego. Yes, it was before mobile phones.

I went to the library to meet her as we’d agreed, but she went […]

Spanish bucket List

Spanish bucket List
Seeing a giant snake descend from the heavens and slither down the pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico is number 1 on my Spanish-world bucket list.

On Sunday there’s a cosmic warm up.

At the exact moment of the summer solstice the effects of light and shadow […]

Free confidence increasing Spanish video

Free confidence increasing Spanish video
As the Women’s World Cup is on in Canada, it seems a good time to get these confidence boosting videos out of the vault.

The subject is el fútbol but even if el fútbol isn’t your thing, you can still use the structure […]

K.I.S.S. Spanish

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in
a simple way.” – Charles Bukowski

Intellectual Spanish is all about studying the pluperfect, subjunctive, etc.

That’s great if you need to pass an exam.

It’s not so great for speaking in real life with real people […]

Life begins at 80

I’m feeling full of life energy.

Comments on my blog prove your chronological age isn’t the same as your biological age.

There’s plenty to look forward to in my 50s, 60s 70s and even 80s.

Here are some of the comments.

Re getting old I am knocking the 84. There’s a lot […]

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